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Holm vs Aldana | How to Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV For Free

How to Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV? Even by cutting the cord with your local cable company, the Apple TV media device allows users to access thousands of titles across multiple platforms including UFC Holm vs Aldana. Among those platforms is ESPN+, the exclusive sports streaming and video-on-demand service from ESPN.

If you are one of those fans with an Apple TV at home, consider yourself lucky as this guide will explain everything. The best way to watch Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV for free. Yes, you heard it right! We explain how to Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV for free through ESPN.

Broadcasting Channels for UFC Live Stream

A number of Channels will broadcast the event live online in specific regions. All official broadcasters are paid and will require you to subscribe to watch the fight online. Here are some of the most watched channels you can tune into if you in their broadcasting regions, and Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV online few channels also broadcast UFC Holm vs Aldana events as well like BT Sport:

  • ESPN Sports (United States)
  • BT Sport (United Kingdom)
  • Sky Sports (United Kingdom)
  • OSN (Middle East)
  • Fight Network (Canada)
  • ViaPlay (Denmark)
  • WOWOW (Japan)
  • MatchTV (Russia)
  • Globo (Brazil)

How to Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV Online

Step-1: Head to the home screen on your Apple TV by pressing the HOME button on your Apple TV remote.

Step-2: Scroll down and select STREAMING CHANNELS to get access to the Apple TV Channel Store. This is where you can then find the channels (the same as apps) that you want to download onto your device.

Step-3: Next, you have searched for the ESPN channel. You can do this by selecting one of the sub-categories–MOST POPULAR, TOP FREE, SPORTS, etc. Time to discover it inside these lists, or you can without a doubt pick SEARCH CHANNELS and then type in ESPN.

Step-4: Once you have found the ESPN channel, select ADD CHANNEL. This will install the channel, which you can find on the home screen.

Note: ESPN channel also can add them via the Apple TV official website. You’ll need to login to your Apple TV account, then add the ESPN channel and it should soon appear on your Apple TV device. If it doesn’t right away show up on your device, go to your Apple TV and choose from Settings.

Step-5: On your Apple TV device, open the installed ESPN channel and then log in to the ESPN+ account you used to buy the PPV. You can do that by choosing the settings icon in the upper-right corner, then ACCOUNT INFORMATION, then ESPN ACCOUNT.

Step-6: Head back to the FEATURED tab and select the UFC Holm vs Aldana Fight Card to start watching the fights starting at 8:00 PM ET.

How to Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV at Cheap Rates

The Holm vs Aldana Pay-per-view is available for $64.99 in the US. New subscribers can bundle and save over 25% by purchasing the UFC Holm vs Aldana PPV ($64.99 value). Get a special offer ESPN+ annual plan ($49.99 value) for $84.98.

If you are an ESPN+ subscriber, Existing subscribers can buy the latest UFC Holm vs Aldana Pay-Per-Views. You can upgrade your monthly plan to the annual plan and receive the 25% savings.
If you already have any ESPN+ subscription or get ESPN+ via the Disney+ bundle, you can pick to only buy UFC Holm vs Aldana PPV for only $64.99.

Sounds pretty expensive for you. However, there is one way you can buy the PPV on UFC at cheap rates. Sometimes it good to change your region, use a fastest VPN to do that, you just need to connect with a VPN switch your country to a different country.

The cost of PPV varies from country to country, which means, even if PPV cost $64.99 in the US, it will cost less in countries in Europe or Asia. So, once you have a VPN in place, you can connect to a different server to virtually appear in another country, thus fooling the website to believe that you are connected from a different country than your actual location.

Cheap Prices of PPV

United State: $29.99
Singapore: $24.99
Luxembourg: $19.99
Philippines: $17.65


To Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV OUTSIDE OF UNITED STATES is simple, just follow some steps.

  1. Firstly, Go to UFC Official site and head to Fight Pass to order the event
  2. Install the UFC app on your Apple TV
  3. Log in with your UFC Fight Pass account credentials
  4. In conclusion, Tune in to enjoy the UFC Holm vs Aldana PPV!

If you are going to watch UFC on Apple TV without a VPN, you might also stop with a DMCA notice! You should Hide your Identity with Fastest VPN and Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV live without any fear.

Though why need to you pass over all the action when you can watch UFC on Apple TV? All you have to do is pair Apple TV with a VPN and unblock region-locked channels and content material except actually living in any of these countries. Here you can learn how to buy the Fastest VPN service around the world.

Where Else to Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana Live?

If you don’t have Apple TV or don’t want to watch on Apple TV. You can do so on any other phone, tablet, or streaming device that supports the ESPN app. This includes, but isn’t limited to Fire TV or Firestick, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, Android phones, iPhones, tablets, and select Samsung Smart TVs.

Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV

Additionally, you can watch right on your computer via our streaming service right here. But If you already have Apple TV it will be the best way to Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV. Want to know about How to Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Roku For Free

UFC Holm vs Aldana Date & Time

Fight Date: Saturday, 3 September, 2020
Fight Time: 8:00 PM ET(Main Card)
Fight Location: UFC Fight Island, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.
Main Event: Holm vs Aldana
Co Event: Derek Brunson vs Edmen Shahbazyan

In Short UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV Online

In conclusion, Watching Holm vs Aldana fight live online will definitely be an remarkable experience. Holm vs Aldana fight is going to be broadcasted by a bunch of official UFC broadcasters including ESPN+, Sky Sports/BT Sports, Globo, FightNetwork, etc. So, you can use our above guide to Watch UFC Holm vs Aldana on Apple TV.

Check back when you need more details we will keep you updated. Please let us know about your thinking about this post in a comment below.