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How to Watch UFC 231 Live Stream Online without Cable?



If you have been following the actions of the UFC, you will also want to watch UFC 231. It has never been too early to reserve the option to follow the spectacular moments. Here we are going to share you how to watch UFC 231 live stream online. UFC 231 is the upcoming Fight Card which features Holloway vs. Ortega as the main event.

When and where is UFC 231?

The UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega is a highly-anticipated MMA event that will happen on Saturday, 8 December 2018 at Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the producer of the UFC 231.
UFC 231 Live Stream

What channel is it on?

UFC 231 is the upcoming PPV event. In this case, PPV is the only official way that you can take to watch UFC 231 without any problem. The preliminary fights will be available in UFC Fight Pass, FOX Sports, as well as ESPN. If you have subscribed to either of them, you will be able to watch the preliminary fights for free. However, you will need to purchase the PPV package through to attend the main event of the UFC 231. If you are a subscriber of the, you can watch the UFC 231 main event replay a month after the actual event happens.

United States

The US viewers can watch the UFC 231 event through the usual channels including Fox Sports and ESPN. But these only open the access to the preliminary fights. Purchasing the PPV package is a crucial thing to do to enjoy the main event. The matchups of the UFC 231 will be the part of the Fight Pass library in roughly a month after the actual event. So, if you have the Fight Pass credentials, you will be able to watch all the replays in one month later. UFC Fight Pass also provide the preliminary fights for free. If you are the subscriber, you are in luck. You can also view some of the preliminary fights via FOX Sports GO digital streaming service. Keep in mind that the PPV is the only official way to watch UFC 231 Main event live.

United Kingdom

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to watch UFC 231 in the BT Sport. Perhaps you haven’t known this yet; the BT spokesperson confirmed that BT company would end the relationship with the UFC in December 3rd. That means BT Sports will no longer broadcast the UFC events on the channel. The UFC 231 event happens on Saturday, 8 December 2018. But you can still purchase the PPV through the service.

Eleven Sport comes as the replacement of the BT Sport. So, you could also purchase the PPV from the respective channel. Eleven Sport provides the TV and digital services. You will quickly find the PPV option when subscribing to the channels. Consider checking on its official site to know furthermore.


Also, we ought to mention that you can still get the PPV packages from BT Sports Box Office or Sky Sports Box Office for the UFC 231 coverage.


Ireland viewers can tune in the Eleven Sports. As mentioned, BT Sport will no longer provide the service starting from December 3rd. You will want to purchase the PPV through the for safer and more comfortable option. If you already have the UFC FIGHT PASS, the process will be much easier. Not to mention that you can also watch Preliminary Fights live stream for free by using your FIGHT PASS credentials.


Viewers in Russia can order the PPV Package to watch the UFC 231 live from their favorite device. You could tune in Fox Sports or ESPN to watch the preliminary fights for free. The good thing here is that you can also use your UFC Fight Pass to watch the boats excluding the main event. Check your full options in the MatchTV is the official broadcaster in Russia. You could also purchase the PPV through the channel.


Usually, you would want to tune in TSN when the event happens.TSN holds the right to broadcast the bouts of the UFC events. You can watch the preliminary fights through the TSN TV. But you will want to purchase the PPV to enjoy the main event live.


The preliminary fights will be available on the UFC Fight Pass. You will want to tune in the to watch them for free. Meanwhile, you will need to purchase the PPV package to attend the Main event in HD quality. The FS1 prelim will also be available on FOX Sports GO.


Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega Live Stream

Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega Fight Live Stream Max vs Brian Live Stream Holloway vs Ortega Live Stream

You can get the latest score and stats from the game in the box score provided above and here’s everything you need to know in order to watch the Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega Fight:

What: Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega (UFC 231)

When: Saturday, 8 December 2018, 10.00 PM EST
Where: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario


Live Stream ❱❱❱ Watch Now ❱❱❱

How to watch UFC 231 Live online

Following the UFC 231 can be a challenge for many people because not all the options are available for them. If you are looking for a more flexible alternative to catch up with the UFC 231 moments, you can’t go wrong with the UFC 231 live online. PPV is the package that you need to watch it online. For the FOX Sports subscribers, you will be able to watch the live streaming for free. If you are subscribing to specific TV, cable, or media streaming services, you will be able to get the UFC 231 access live online. But once again, these services are geo-restricted. If you are living outside the market area, you’re going to experience the blackout. However, there’s a way to outsmart the system by using the VPN. We’ll explain that later.


List of UFC 231 Streaming Services

There are a lot of free streaming services out there but too Maleficent to use. Most of the free sites are exposing virus, spyware, or any other scamming things that can disregard your enjoyment. Your best option to watch the UFC 231 live online is by subscribing to the reliable media streaming services. The excellent media streaming services that you want to subscribe to are ones who provide the official channels that broadcast the UFC 231. Here are the official channels that broadcast the UFC events.

When you are browsing the media streaming services options, make sure you pick one that provides the channels that we mentioned above.

UFC.TV – Fight Pass and Pay Per View

If you have UFC Fight Pass, you are eligible to watch UFC 231 Preliminary Fights. To open the access to the main event, you will need to buy the PPV from the All you need to do is just hitting the order button in the Choose the UFC 231 PPV package. Keep in mind that you could also choose to watch the bout a month later when it is added to your Fight Pass library.

Sling TV

Sling TV has been amongst the top choices because of its affordable service. You could purchase the PPV right through the Sling TV official site of the app. However, it might be open when the time is close to the event. Meanwhile, you can wait until the order button appear. Consider to register and subscribe to the $25 service so that you can enjoy the excellent entertainment stuff.


FuboTV costs you $44.99 per month. This service gives you access to various entertainment and shows channels, including sports like the UFC. It is a region-blocking service. Consider checking the availability of the service in your location before purchase.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV has been known as one of the most popular media streaming services for movies and TV shows lovers. But it offers more than that. You can watch UFC 231 through this media streaming service too.


YouTube TV

For YouTube lovers, it is indeed a great option. It costs you $40 per month. Indeed, not the cheapest service that you can expect. But you will be able to enjoy premium channels from this excellent media streaming service.

PlayStation Vue

If you are up to PlayStation digital products, subscribing PlayStation Vue could be the most sensible option for you. It costs $39.99 per month to give you the access to the channels that broadcast the UFC 231.

Where to Order PPV UFC 231 PPV

There are many channels wherein you could purchase the PPV the official way. You could refer to the channels list and media streaming services list that we’ve mentioned before. Keep in mind that when you purchase the PPV from the US provider, it can cost more expensive. You might want to explore the cheaper options from different countries. For instance, Singapore provider offers more reasonable PPV rates. However, you will need to use your VPN service to get the location of Singapore so that you can order as Singapore IP client.

Watch UFC 231 on Roku, Fire TV, KODI, or Chromecast

Choose one of the options that we’ve mentioned before. Most of the media streaming services are accessible on Roku, Fire TV, KODI, or Chromecast. All you need to do is to login with your media streaming service user credentials to watch the UFC 231 right through your favorite devices.

How to watch UFC 231 online on a Tablet or Smartphone?

The streaming services like Sling TV also provides access to the tablet or smartphone via Sling TV app. You will only need to install the app and use your Sling TV credentials to get the access to the UFC 231 through tablet or smartphone. The similar system also works with other media streaming services.


How to watch the UFC 231 on Social Media

Highlights, news, updates, and recent information are all available on the official social media page of UFC and UFC 231. If you don’t need to see the entire event, you could use this option to know the result of the show, or the most recent information related to the Fight Card.

How to watch UFC 231 Live from everywhere

The good thing about the UFC 231 is that you can witness the spectacular moment anywhere you are. But as we mentioned before, geo-restriction can be enormous problems for all viewers. Here are the ways to overcome it.

World. You might stop hoping when your location is not in the area of the service. But you can bypass the restriction by using the VPN service. Choose your best VPN and switch to the IP that is accepted by the services.

What: Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega (UFC 231)

When: Saturday, 8 December 2018, 10.00 PM EST
Where: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario



Live Stream ❱❱❱ Watch Now ❱❱❱

You can also use Smart DNS Proxies will give you static IP address that can be your new IP identity. It also gives you a stable connection. But it costs more expensive than VPN service.

Using VPN

You can bypass the geo-restrictions by using the VPN service. Take your time to browse around and choose the best service out there. Switch your real IP with the IP that is acceptable by the streaming services. The IP address that you get is dynamic.

Using Smart DNS Proxies

If you need static IP address, you could use Smart DNS Proxies. But this service tends to be more expensive than the VPN service.

Holloway vs. Ortega fight predictions

Experts would get a shot at Holloway because he is the only person who can hold a win during the fighter MMA career. So, on paper, Holloway has a higher chance.


UFC 231 Tickets

You could order the UFC 231 tickets from the official site of AXS.

Final Words

There you have them! There are many ways to watch the highly anticipated event entitled as UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega. Take your time to compare and pick one that is suitable for you. Good luck!

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MANCHESTER Star Ronaldo wants to play for 42 years

Cristiano Ronaldo said he feels like he’s 30 and aiming to play for 42 years



Ronaldo wants to play for 42 years

Returning to Old Trafford this season, Cristiano Ronaldo has been a lightning rod for criticism due to the underwhleming performance of the current Manchester United team. Cristiano Ronaldo will turn 36 next month. In some parts of the game, the impression of age can be felt, but scoring goals is still as terrible as before. He has already scored 14 goals since returning to Manchester United this season. Ronaldo’s goal in the Champions League has brought United to the last 16 of the group stage. The goal of the Portuguese forward in the league has brought 13 points to the team so far.

Regardless of age, a footballer in such a form does not think of retirement. Cristiano Ronaldo therefore wants to continue the game for many more days. Specifically, one of the best of all time wants to pursue a career up to the age of 42.

Ronaldo gave an interview to ESPN Brazil. Speaking about spending two decades in professional football, he said: “I am delighted to see that longevity as a player plays an important role in continuing to do well in top football, especially in my case. I think I am 30 years old physically. I take great care of my body and mind. I have learned at the age of 33 that your body will accept it if you want, but the real battle is with the mind.”

Lukaku in a big trouble
Ronaldo wants to play for 42 years

Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juventus in 2016. At the time, 34-year-old Ronaldo’s fitness was impressed by Juventus’ medical team. They thought Ronaldo’s fitness was like a footballer in his twenties. Ronaldo can still give his best at the top level because he is fitness conscious.

The key, he says, is to believe in yourself. And that’s what I’ve been doing for the last few years. I am working with such a mentality now, I am concentrating there. I know my body will handle it well because I respect the body and care about what the body says. ‘

For this reason, Ronaldo wants to play even after forty. While it may seem like a daunting task for a striker at the top, Ibrahimovic is doing just that in Serie A. Teddy Sheringham also played in the English Premier League at the age of 40. Ronaldo is confident of following in the footsteps of the club’s predecessor, saying: “There are important moments in life, good or bad. When you fall to the ground, you have to have the strength to stand up again. I’m happy, I want to be here and see what happens. I want to see if I can play in 40, 41 or 42 years. But most importantly, the goal of the day is to enjoy the moment.”

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Mark Richardson apologized to the Bangladesh spectators



bd test 2022

Bangladesh dominated the first four days of the Mount Manganui Test. At the end of the fourth day, Bangladesh is getting the fragrance of victory in the air of Bay Oval.

In reply to New Zealand’s first innings score of 326, Bangladesh went ahead with 456 runs for 130 runs. In the last part of the fourth day, New Zealand lost 3 wickets in the storm of worship and collected 148 runs for 5 wickets. They are ahead by only 16 runs. In such a situation, Mark Richardson has apologized to the viewers of Bangladesh for one of his comments in a television commentary. He said at one point that the match was going to be won by New Zealand.

“New Zealand were 6 for 1 then,” he said in an analysis on Spark Sports TV at the end of the day’s play. Then I said, Bangladesh is going to lose this test. From here, New Zealand is on its way to an easy victory. I now apologize to the Bangladeshi audience. Because, from that moment onwards, Bangladesh has been in power all afternoon. They have to give credit for the position they are in now. ‘

Apparently the day seemed ideal but Bangladesh was quite average in terms of reviews and fielding. Speaking on the occasion, former New Zealand opener Craig Macmillan said, “Bangladesh has made almost all the right decisions throughout the day. They’ve made some weird decisions just about getting reviews. All three reviews have lost. It remains to be seen what effect the fifth day will have. “

Another former Kiwi, Brendon McCullum, sees the Mount Manganui Test as a stress management test. The team that can handle the pressure, the last laugh or they will laugh, ‘The wicket is not breaking so much. Still batting seems quite helpful. The outcome of the match will depend on him managing the pressure. ‘

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Messi attacked by Corona and DJ Colana Palacioi became a murderer



Messi attacked by Corona

The world is learning to live with coronavirus. The football world is also trying to return to normal with the epidemic. And in doing so, one or another footballer is often attacked in Corona. In the last 20 months, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Neymar, Mbappe, Paul Pogba … the list is long. However, Lionel Messi was a little different than them. The Argentine forward has been able to keep himself safe from Corona since March 2020.

But at the end of 2021, Messi could not live. The bad news came at the beginning of 2022. While on holiday in Argentina, he tested positive for Covid-19. And a disc jockey (DJ) is listening to the threat when the news comes that the superstar has been attacked by Corona. Messi’s supporters even call him a ‘murderer’.

Before the end of the year, a video of Messi went viral on social media. He went to Rosario, Argentina for Christmas. He had organized a party for his family to go on holiday. Everyone had fun watching the video of Messi dancing with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo at that party. This time Messi went to Argentina and took part in several such parties.

In one of these parties, Messi invited DJ Fer Palacio. Palacio took a picture with Messi on Instagram six days ago and expressed his excitement. He wrote, ‘I have been able to dance the best of all time. Thank you for inviting everyone in the Messi family. ‘

The situation changed yesterday. News has come that Messi has been attacked by Corona. It is learned that he was not allowed to fly to Paris as he was hit by a corona in Argentina. As a result, many have assumed that Messi was attacked by Colana Palacioi. Everyone online has attacked the 31-year-old. Palacio also showed negative results of his corona test to prove his innocence.


“As Messi Covid-19 is positive, I am now trending on Twitter,” he wrote on Instagram. Everyone is involved with me. Saying, I attacked him. They call me a “murderer.” I got a lot of bad messages. Yesterday I tested Corona. Because, I have to go to Uruguay. I don’t have corona. ‘

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